dinsdag 22 juli 2014

Our week at Le Petit Pauliat

This week our holiday ended and we both went back to work & our daily life. Luckily, two weeks ago we had an unexpected chance to stay in France for a week. It was such a gift! We packed our bags and drove to this small village called Treignat in the middle of France. 

We stayed at the lovely Le Petit Pauliat, a beautiful accommodation owned by the Dutch Sjoerd & Felicia who started their adventure in 2007 together with their children. The farm (which had been empty for 30 years) is completely renovated by the skillful couple. It must have been a lot of work but the result is impressive! We stayed at one of the Gites and we had a great time. Sjoerd & Felicia were very hospitable and organized a couple of nice dinners for all the visitors of Le Petit Pauliat. They even took care of our order at the bakery every morning! 

It was a fun week with the highlight of visiting two thrift shops on the last day. We drove home completely recharged and with a couple of beautiful souvenirs in our trunk!

Pictures by Marij Hessel

For more info go to www.pauliat.com

vrijdag 18 juli 2014

Flexa Blogger Event

This Tuesday I visited the Flexa Blogger Event in the Flexa Creation House of Colours in Amsterdam. This event was a collaboration between Flexa and Meet the Blogger to present the latest trends and developments on colour palettes to a group of interior & lifestyle bloggers. 

The day started with a little meet & greet between the bloggers and the faces behind Flexa and Meet the Blogger. It was fun to meet some of my blogger colleagues in person! This was followed by a presentation of Victoria Koblenko who created her personal colour palette together with Flexa. One of her inspirations was the beetle and this resulted in a beautiful palette of different shades of green. Head of Global Flexa Colourlab "Heleen van Gent" and colour expert "Odet van Winsen" gave us some behind the scenes information about the way Flexa works and how they're inspired by global trends.

After that we were challenged to create our own personal colour palette. You can see mine here on Instagram! During the event there were delicious snacks and to top it all of we received a goodiebag with our favourite colour of Flexa creations! 

It was a fun and inspiring day, I immediately felt like painting when I left the event! A big thanks to Meet the Blogger and Flexa!!

Pictures by Marij Hessel

zondag 6 juli 2014

Today is a Gift

I love this little poem by Eleanor Roosevelt... Living in the present and treating each day like it's a gift. Sometimes we forget to enjoy every day to the fullest and we take life for granted. This is a little reminder which I put in our guest room / my office on top of the mint green typewriter that I got from a good friend!

I'm taking a small break but I'll be back very soon! A big kiss from me to you!

Pictures by Marij Hessel

zondag 29 juni 2014

Thrift Shop

The past few weeks I've been pretty lucky during my thrift shop visits! First I spotted this cute little cabinet with a marble shelf on the top. I didn't have to think twice about taking this one home with me... The vintage rattan chair I found while thrift shopping with a friend. I had just told her I was hoping to find one of those and I did (what are the chances), just a few minutes later! 

The marble plates I use as coasters or cutting boards. You can never have too much of those right? My latest find are the "Suiker" & "Koffie" (sugar & coffee) pots with a cork stopper. I love the graphics on them & they're perfect for our kitchen!

Pictures by Marij Hessel

woensdag 18 juni 2014

DIY Inspiration

I wanted to show you these fun DIY ideas with planters. These kind of DIY projects continue to attract my attention every time! I especially love the idea of making a planter out of a cardboard or metal letter. I think I'll use this idea for my own garden! In fact, I might just use all these ideas... Enjoy the inspiration!

1. Ladder display via A Beautiful Mess
2. Funny planter pots via The Kitchn
3. Letter planter via Henry Happened
4. Planter closet via Katleen Roggeman
5. Polka dot planters via Happy Interior Blog
6. Painted terracotta pots via Woonblog
7. Painted air plant bell cups via Lovely Indeed
8. Faux copper pots via Curbly

maandag 9 juni 2014

Gevonden op Marktplaats

This Friday I payed a visit to the Dutch exposition "Gevonden op Marktplaats" in Amsterdam.  Marktplaats is a Dutch website. A virtual market place where you can sell & buy almost anything you like, mostly second-hand. For this exposition, founder Julien Rademaker & architect Samir Bantal, decorated 700 square feet with vintage design, antiques, art and other extraordinary objects. All collected through Marktplaats. Everything at the gallery was for sale, on and offline. I think Samir & Julie did a great job with this initiative. It was so inspiring to see all of these collected items together. This way, you get to see the beauty of recycling! Visit their Facebook page here!

Pictures by Marij Hessel

donderdag 5 juni 2014

A Happy Home: Souvenirs

If you've read my Marrakech posts, you'll probably know I did a lot of shopping over there. I love the Moroccan style, the beautiful rugs, blankets and pillow cases! One of the first things I found was this striped wool blanket with tassels. I'm still in love with it! The pillow case I bought at a big carpet shop where the salesman reassured us he had the best quality... The other two smaller pillow cases I found here in Copenhagen, a very nice shop! Souvenirs are always a little bit more special because they give your interior a unique and personal touch. That's one of the fun things about traveling isn't it?!

Pictures by Marij Hessel

zondag 25 mei 2014

DIY Doily Art

Most of the time I like my DIY projects easy and quick! Today I did a DIY with some doilies, frames and black spray paint. It doesn't get easier than this! Just use the spray paint to make the doilies black (off course you can pick any colour you like). Leave them to dry and put them in different frames. They remind me of spyrographics a little bit!

Pictures by Marij Hessel

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