zaterdag 18 oktober 2014

Fashionista Interior Special

This week I received the Fashionista Interior Special. Me and my talented friend Martine styled and photographed four theme's (Pretty Pastel, White on White, Boho Ibiza & Animal Kingdom) with DIY & shopping inspiration. I'm very happy with the result and proud to show it to you!

For the theme Pretty Pastel we used my workspace and turned it into a sweet candy-coloured room. As a DIY we decorated some pushpins with nail polish. The little round pin board I made earlier as a little DIY project. After styling this room I didn't want to change it back.... I especially love the triangle rug by Broste Copenhagen! 

For the White on White theme we used our bedroom which luckily is pretty white itself! We removed everything that wasn't white & added some cool white items. For instance the By Nord duvet cover with the polar bear. As you can see, our cat Def was in love! The little hints of wooden details gives the room a warm touch. As a DIY we made a romantic dreamcatcher with lace, ribbons and feathers.

For the Boho Ibiza theme we created a little wardrobe corner with bright colors and bohemian accessories. Of course this theme wouldn't be complete without a few cacti! As a DIY we made some colorful clothing hangers by using different kinds of cords and wrapping them around the clothing hangers. You do need some patience with this one!

Last but not least we created a little wilderness in my attic for the theme Animal Kingdom. We decorated the wall with a couple of cool animal illustrations & wallpaper by Eijffinger. The tropical plants give it an extra jungle feeling. As a DIY we painted a leopard print on a simple white lampshade. This lamp really was the finishing touch! 

I hope you like this production, feel free to let me know which theme is your favorite!

Pictures by Marij Hessel

vrijdag 10 oktober 2014

Woonbeurs: Ariadne at Home

The Ariadne at Home house at the Woonbeurs was a sweet surprise! Very romantic with a lot of pastels, light transparent fabrics mixed with my favorite color green! I loved the little workspace in old pink with ocher yellow. A great combo with the lace and crochet details. Of course I was happy to see the greens popping out of pots, bags & drawers... A lot of original DIY ideas were shown as well. Because of all the transparent, light curtains through the whole house, it was very dreamy!

Pictures by Marij Hessel

maandag 6 oktober 2014

Woonbeurs: 101 House

The 101 Woonideeen House at the Woonbeurs was one of my favorites! Probably because I love the combo of a lot of white with fresh colors. I also loved all the DIY projects that were shown in the house. In every room there were several DIY projects presented that link back to the different issues that were published over the years. Didn't the stylists do a great job?! Unfortunately this was the last time we could enjoy this house at the Woonbeurs because this Dutch magazine is working on their last couple of issues right now... I definitely will miss this colorful and creative magazine!

Pictures by Marij Hessel

zondag 5 oktober 2014

Woonbeurs: VT Wonen

This Friday I got a tour through the VT Wonen house at the Woonbeurs together with a group of talented bloggers who were all in the VT Wonen Blogazine. We got to meet the people behind VT Wonen who told us the story of this magazine developing in 50 years and their ambitions for the future. The stylists worked very hard to build and decorate this house which looked like a huge party tent! The theme they had in mind was "Celebrate whenever you can!" because they're celebrating their 50th anniversary! Black, white and gold were the most dominant colours in the house, very different from last year but again very inspiring! Well done VT Wonen & congrats!


Pictures by Marij Hessel

zondag 28 september 2014

Consol Solar Jar

The Consol Solar Jar harnesses the power of the sun to provide a lovely warm glow that lasts for up to six hours. This product is environmentally friendly because you can charge it with sunlight or even daylight! The lamp is handmade in South Africa where it employs more than 60 formerly unqualified men and woman from the townships Alexandra and Soweto.

You can use the Solar Jar in various ways. For instance as a little lamp outside while having a late summer dinner or party. You can use it for camping and of course when the power goes out... 

I had the opportunity to test out the Consol Solar Jar, which is a product that really suits me! 
Because of my addiction for greens I immediately thought of using it as a terrarium! I used a small succulent and placed it in the jar. I left the jar outside to charge in de sunlight and after 6 hours I had myself a new terrarium lamp!

You can get your own Solar Jar here! Discover more Consol pruducts here.

Pictures by Marij Hessel
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